DCS Customs Services

Are you fully compliant?

The international trade and compliance landscape is rapidly changing, and global supply chains are facing major challenges:

  • Globalization and expansion of international trade: forging partnerships with service providers that have expertise across various geographies.
  • Increased demand for electronic data sharing: such as advanced shipment notification and sharing of compliance data.
  • A global trend towards a risk-based approach: requiring traders to share details of their shipments at any given time, such as pre-load, pre-departure and pre-arrival.
  • Increased awareness of regulations and compliance: now becoming a board level issue and a core focus among international trade companies.
  • Increased penalties for non-compliance: with an immediate impact on customers’ supply chain and financial bottom line.

It is in this climate that a Customs Broker with the ability to reduce complexity offers you a genuine competitive advantage.

Our solution for you:
Customs Brokerage Services
We offer a broad range of services to ensure uniform, consistent & compliant trade activities, supporting your company in avoiding delays, fines & penalties.


Customs Brokerage Services Portfolio
  • Import and Export Declaration Filing: Customs declarations to process the import/export of goods.
  • Security Filing: Advance notification to authorities in importing countries consisting of critical information for security screening. Examples are the US Importer Security Filing (ISF) and the EU Import Control System (ICS).
  • Duties & Taxes Advancement: Facilitation of the payment of customs duties and taxes on behalf of the customer.
  • Other Government Agency Services: Service to ensure the clearance of goods through other government agencies, e.g. Ministry of Health, Department of Agriculture.
  • In-Transit Movement: Management of the customs formalities for goods moving through one customs territory into another or transportation of uncleared shipments within one customs territory.
  • Permits and Licensing Application Services: Providing support to obtain special licenses and permits. 
  • Additional Services: Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ), Bonded Warehouse, Duty Drawback Processing, Fiscal Representation, Excise Duty Handling, and many other services.


Customs and Trade Consulting Services Portfolio
  • Customs Management: Global Customs Management Program to coordinate the customs activities in various countries or support specialized services (e.g. Customs Competence Teams for Customers to monitor all customs transactions in Europe or globally).
  • Regulatory Interpretation & Consultation: Interpretation and Consultation e.g. Tariff Classification Services; Tariff Engineering and Duty Optimization, Binding Rulings; Prior Disclosures and Penalty Avoidance; Administrative Appeal Support and Representation; Appeals, Petitions & Protests; Import/Export Licenses and Quotas.
  • Compliance Assessment & Audits: Customs Compliance Assessments and Audits; Development of Internal Compliance Manuals; Documentation and Recordkeeping Requirements.
  • Customs Training & Education: Support the knowledge base development by various training programs and information services e.g. On Site Training; Seminars; Periodic Information Bulletins and White Papers.
  • Duty & Tax Programs: Management of duties and taxes programs, e.g. Duty Drawback; Trade Agreement and Preferential Treatment Qualifications; Duty Optimization Planning, Audits and Refunds; Tariff Concession Order Applications and Representation; Foreign Trade Zone Consulting and Support.
  • On-Site Resources (Secondment): We provide highly experienced on-site staff to support in different areas of the customs clearance process, e.g. filing of customs declarations, goods classification, and other customs activities.


Best in Class Expertise

The extensive regulatory knowledge of our team of customs experts means that
you partner with a market leader:

  • Dedicated team of more than 2,000 customs experts around the world
  • Global Governance Structure that guarantees global standards with codes of behavior across the network, delivering consistency and uniformity
  • Participation in all government customs and security programs such as C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) and AEO (Authorized Economic Operator)
  • Relationships with government authorities on global, regional and local levels such as WCO (World Customs Organization)
Global Scale, Local Presence

We have a global customs network to facilitate the movement of goods no matter where you trade:

  • Delivery in over 90 countries with more than 2 million customs entries processed each year
  • Country, Regional and Global Customs Teams to ensure uniform and consistent service

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