Road Freight Insurance

Goods worth many billion Euros are lost or stolen every year, in Europe alone. In spite of the high quality and performance of DCS Freight’s transportation solutions, shipment damage or loss can also affect our customers due to external causes.

In Europe the liability of road transportation service providers is typically limited by CMR regulations (Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road). However, in the event of a loss or damage these limitations are often not representative of the actual value of the goods.

Complementing its transportation services DCS Freight can upon request arrange your freight insurance. This gives you financial protection against most risks of physical loss or damage due to external causes. Thus, customers who utilize freight insurance set-up by DCS Freight can significantly reduce the financial impact associated with these unfortunate events.

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In addition to arranging shipment insurance, DCS Freight takes a variety of proactive measures to ensure your freight’s safety. Comprehensive surveillance, padlocks, clamps and alarm systems, trucks marked on the roof with a license plate or a tactical number for aerial surveillance, emergency hotlines, second drivers on board - there are many things we are doing to protect your shipment throughout its journey.

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